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Hop2it Trades Updates

Find Out What Hop2it Export, Import Trades, or Projects are Available to Members. You May Be a Paid-Up Participating Trading Member or Interested in How You Can Start Trading In Commodities Such As Wellness Products and Personal Protection Equipment by Purchasing Fractionalized Container Units.

The Following are the Trades and Projects Hop2it is Involved Within and are Available to Members as new Container-Based Trades Become Available. You Must be an Active Member and Own Export Units to Participate in Any Trade.




Hop2it Trades & Projects

Since 2019 - Personal Protection Equipment

Hop2it offers business opportunities for entrepreneurs to participate in the newly developed Personal Protection Equipment industry (PPE) and assist in the fight against the Corvid 19 Pandemic. Our company has twelve years of experience in the export and import of commodities from Australasia to the Americas and Europe. This business opportunity could see you making profits from container and airfreight-based deliveries of PPE into these markets leveraging upon our experience and customers to escalate your business in a few short weeks.

Hop2it effectively commenced export and import trading of commodities such as Infant Formula in 2013 from its then Hong Kong company Hop2it Limited. Due to the unrest of the last years, we have restructured the Hop2it Group including this website, to provide you with more accurate information. If you are interested in learning about what the company has achieved in the Personal Protection Industry, then click here and go to a PPE specific website op2it has set up;

How Do We Handle PPE

When Corvid 19 his the global community, our management were already in South East Asia working our the Murrumbooee Hemp Textile project. The main countries involved in PPE manufacture are China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. In saying that, over the course of 2020, most countries developed Hand Sanitiser and other light PPE manufacturing processes, but Hop2it chose NITRILE and LATEX Examination Gloves to specialize in.

Our PPE trades and offering to end-user Buyers and their Brokers are in the form of Nitrile Examination Gloves.  We have been able to deal direct with glove factories in Thailand where Hop2it has “boots on the ground” and via their Authorized Distributors and Allocation Holders in Malaysia and Vietnam.

In short, we contract to manufacture a volume of product, say 50 million boxes as an example, over a manufacturing schedule of say 24 months. This example is conservative and since January 2020 we have entered into manufacturing contracts for much greater volumes.  End-user buyers in the US, UK, and the Middle East enter into sales and purchase agreements (SPA’s) through a standard set of operating procedures (SOP’s).

We mark up each box of Nitrile or Latex Examination or general-purpose gloves and arrange sea or air freight for the Buyer. If you are interested in participating in the supply of our PPE into global markets, particularly the USA, you can participate by purchasing EXPORT UNITS which are in fact cartons of 10 boxes of 100 gloves. For sea freight, we pack 32,000 boxes into one 40′ Container or 3,200 Cartons.  If we airlift the Export Units, we can have loaded, between 100,000 to 300,000 boxes dependent upon the aircraft used. For more information, access any of the following Hop2it websites:-

To learn more specifics about these PPE Trades, CLICK HERE.

Since 2017 - Murrumbooee Hemp Infused Products

Murrumbooee started as a small boutique Australian condiment business. In 2017 the business was acquired by the Hop2it Group of Companies and a year later it closed its Australian factory to be re-opened after primary food manufacturing is re-established in the Philippines.  

From 2018 we concentrated significant human and financial resources on the infusion of Hemp oils and other by-products into the Murrumbooee condiment range. Through 2019, the Directors worked in Asia to expand our focus on Hemp-based textile production and other Hemp activities there and in Australia.  

Hemp Trading Members can obtain more specific updates by clicking the link below.

For Further Updates CLICK HERE

Since 2016 - US CBD's & Australian Hemp

In 2016 Hop2it commenced developing CBD products in the USA. We expanded the business into Cannabinoid products under the Murrumbooee brand utilizing a US trading company to manage and govern this project. 

In the USA Hop2it sell Murrumbooee branded CBD’s including flavored bio-soluble Oral Sprays.


Since 2013 - Export Quality Food Commodities

Murrumbooee – Our Manufacturer & Product Processor

Murrumbooee Australian & International Condiments (“Murrumbooee”) is our own wholly Australian gourmet food manufacturing business which we acquired in 2017 and which manufactured  33 high-quality food products.

The Murrumbooee business has now been acquired by the Hop2it Global Wealth Group of Companies for the purposes of expanding it globally from its then-current sales to over 400 retailers by adding new products such as Murrumbooee Infant Formula, special “hemp” based clothing,  surfwear, coffee, wine and even a  women’s and men’s skincare range. Murrumbooee is managed by Food Addict Pty Ltd (website at

Murrumbooee — is an Australian Aboriginal word for cascading water.

Murrumbooee is a waterfall located in the Gibraltar National Park in Australia and is surrounded by the Kamilaroi Aboriginal Tribe.

Since 2012 - Infant Formula & Dairy Products


The foreign infant formula market in China has been dominated by multinational companies charging upwards of $60.00 for a tin of infant formula.  This “price fixing” has created the opening for the China Direct Milk Project (CDMP) to enter the market offering a high-quality infant formula at substantially better prices.


The infant formula industry in China has evolved quite dramatically since the 2008 crisis when the Chinese dairy industry produced infant formula tainted with melamine.  At that time 6 children died, 54,000 children were hospitalized and altogether some 300,000 were harmed.  In response, the Chinese authorities closed many local dairy’s and banned their infant formula products from the market. Prior to that scandal in 2004, at least 50 children died from malnutrition after drinking a fake infant formula with little nutritional value. These incidents are important for two reasons.  They have affected the Chinese perception of their entire food industry and they effectively opened the door for foreign companies to enter the market.  With regards to infant formula, the events created a huge distrust of their domestic brands that persists today.  As a result, they look to foreign brands which are coming from Europe, Canada, America, New Zealand, and more recently Australia.

Read more about any Trades Hop2it is working on to export Infant Formula and other powdered dairy products to populous countries.

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Trading Members are any active Members who purchase Export Units and contract with Hop2it for the export and sale of these products to share profits. Email Hop2it from this website to receive more information.


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As an active Member, either trading or not, you only need to participate in any Export or Import Trade by purchasing more Export Units for the trade you are interested in and Hop2it will do the rest.


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