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Our Mission Statement

“Starting From Our Original Global Import, Export & Property Trade, With The Civil Unrest IN Hong Kong, Our Then Head Office And The Onslaught Of Corvid 19, We Remodelled The Hop2it Brand Into A Singapore Based Asset Holding And Management Corporation. Esssential To This Strategy Since 2018 Was To Set Up Regional Hop2it Management Companies And Acquire Synergistic Business Ventures In The Industry Sectors We Have Expertise Within. From Resource Mining, The Green Sector, Renewable Energy & Technology To Commercial And Rural Property, We Have Created A Diversified, Yet Synergistic Buusiness Portfolio In Future Proofed Industries” 

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission is to seek out and either merge or acquire company’s involved in mining resources, green projects, renewable energy technology, and property acquisitions.

Our Vision of synergistic asset operations backed by benchmark management systems leading to asset optimization and maximized returns.

Our Values are forged by our Directors having strong values of integrity and loyalty. With years of experience in resource management, the development of start-ups, agriculture, and innovative technology, the maintenance of these values is both mission-critical and part of the company’s business mandate. Full transparency in all business dealings and commitment to building assets in a balanced structural way is key to the ultimate success of the company.


Hop2it Limited previously headquartered in Hong Kong was closed due to civil unrest in 2018. The Hop2it brand was restructured with new Singapore company Singapore and a 100% focus on asset acquisition and management of selected business ventures in synergistic industry sectors.


Hop2it maintains contact and loyalty to vestige members or those who joined via regional entities. Importantly, our centralized holding company is required to maintain relations with Members worldwide.


Hop2it operates subsidiaries which manage Hop2it’s mergers or acquisitions of existing disruptive businesses is an ongoing partnership with the creators or founders. The Corvid 19 Pandemic has created many new opportunities.


Our leadership have known each other since the ’90s. Through the unfortunate global events, Hop2it has been able to remodel it brand and make a number of strategic acquisitions of exciting business opportunities. Our business portfolio is growing expedientially.

Our Business Process


Our Management’s Experience in the international sourcing and export of food commodities is unique and forged after the Melamine chemical scare in China and which created a rush on Infant Formula that has not ceased since 2008. 

Our company has been maintained through sales growth and the acquisition of food technology in the area of both  Cannabinoid (CBD) business in the USA, along with a high-quality food manufacturing and hemp infusion and research company utilizing our unique Murrumbooee Super Foods brand in Australia and the USA

The Hop2it Group now comprises a number of new companies incorporated in Australasia Singapore and the USA. Our companies are positioned to acquire strategic assets which complement our technology, food, and wellness business plans through our export and import trading of real products since 2013.

We have a large vestige membership base in the USA and 20 other countries worldwide. Hop2it is a participant in the emerging Cannabinoid and Hemp industries, where we have produced CBD soft Gel-caps, flavored Oral Sprays and now a number of other exciting CBD-based products for human and animal consumption. In Australia, we use Hemp and Moringa as an infused supplement into a Murrumbooee branded condiment range which started exporting in 2016 to the USA. Hop2it Holdings Pte Ltd manages our subsidiaries and information technology. 

Our leadership have known each other for many years and may have worked in this industry well before that. 


Hop2it Limited previously headquartered in Hong Kong until civil unrest there forced a closure. We took three years through the onslaught of Corvid 19 to restructure the Hop2it brand and add to the business ventures we had. From a new Singapore base we now concentrate on the acquisition of assets and regional management of the same in four selected industry sectors mentioned in this website and www.hop2it.ventures.   


These investments and business activities include:-

  • The operation of a Global Trade Exchange and private digital currency.
  • The use of trading Tokens to facilitate international trade. 
  • Cannabinoid Health & Wellness CBD products in the USA.
  • The manufacture of Hemp-based gourmet food products and dietary supplements in Australasia
  • The export of cultivated Hemp products from the USA to our Australian food manufacturing project.
  • The export of high-quality Infant Formula from Australia to mainland China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong.

Hop2it has members trading across the globe and assists them to set up and support the commercial development of local Trade Exchanges operated by active members throughout many regional centers.


Hop2it  is now headquartered in Singapore and operates as a holding company directing its subsidiaries that operate Hop2it’strading business interests globally.

We commenced business in 2013 as an international Third-Party Record Keeper for all Hop2it’s trading transactions between members trading in cash and non-cash financial services. 

The company operates subsidiaries and a number of business-specific Trusts that manage the Group’s assets on behalf of members and shareholders. Members invest in trust units and company shares, the proceeds of which are invested into revenue and profit-generating projects globally. We strive and plan to enjoy strong profits from container-based commodity trading:-

  • Infant Formula
  • Hemp by-products for processing
  • Personal Protection Equipment 

Hop2it has members trading across the globe and has supported the rollout and development of local Trade Exchanges operated by active members throughout many regional centers.

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