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Welcome To Our Website for Hop2it Active Invested Members and Shareholders to Access their Sales Accounts and Monitor their Shareholding in our Hop2it Group of companies.


Shareholders & Members

This is our Website for Hop2it Active Members to Access their sales Accounts and for Shareholders to monitor their Investment in Hop2it or any of our business ventures. Members Accounts are designed to monitor performance of the various assets in the company’s portfolio. Full reporting and asset reports are available in this section with downloadable Private Offer Information Memorandums.

Who Are We

Hop2it Holdings Pte Ltd is a Singapore based asset reserve company holding local  companies as subsidiaries in the various countries we operate that support our business ventures in the following  resources and business sectors:-

  1. Mining and Resources
  2. Technology and IT
  3. Green Sector and Agriculture
  4. Property
Held Assets

Hop2it holds majority controlling interest or ownership of the following businesses and assets:-

Mining and Resources

1.  Austral Dutch Kaolin Pty Ltd

  • JORCED  Kaolin Reserve QLD Australia.
  • JORCED Oil Shale Reserve QLD Australia.

    2.  JORCED and Alluvial Gold Reserves QLD Australia.

    Technology and IT

    1.   Magno Energy Pty Ltd

    • Operational Magnetic Electricity Generator

    2.  Mainstreet Money Pty Ltd

      • Ethereum  backed digital utility Tokens and coin with allocated blockchain Block.

       Green sector and Agriculture

      1.   Australian Liquid Fertilisers Pty Ltd

      • Operational production line of organic growth stimulants and fertilizers

      2.   Good Food Addict Pty Ltd trading as Murrumbooee Foods & Wellness

      • Operational production line of Condiments made from Australian Native Plants
      Participation Beyond a Passive Investor

      Hop2it offers all of its investor groups to the opportunity to gain commissions for Hop2it owned and manufactured products as we grow our asset and sales base to grow your investment. We call these individuals Invested Members.

      Our Future Outlook

      Our investments and business activities include:-

      • The full production of all retail and wholesale product lines
      • Ongoing mining of resource assets
      • The operation of  Digital  Trade Exchanges and private digital currency is directly encrypted to share certificates.
      • The manufacture of gourmet foods and dietary products in Australasia
      • The further acquisition of appreciating and returning global assets.

      Have You Considered A Strategic and Sustainable Investment with Significant Return and Capital Growth Potential?

      Hop2it Holdings is an asset consolidation, management, and direct investment company with ownership of properly valued assets to an international standard. Hop2it has a number of Capital Investors and supports our investments in the four Industry Sectors we operate within.   

      The company provides performance, silo style-focused management to each of the assets to ensure returns by way of dividends are maximized on the shortest timelines. The holding of performing assets across multiple sectors and multiple synergistic operations mitigates risk for returns to investors as commodities and markets cycle. The maturing of production is a key focus in every asset and business with timing and market network key inputs. Hop2it engages FeaseX, a business modelling company, to model and monitor every asset with monthly reporting against  financials being key to decision making and transparency from the board back to the individual investors and corporate partners. Each asset is structured slightly differently in the portfolio. The company always engages in strategic alliances with international and national companies operating in the specific industry group.

      Further financial incentives beyond dividends are offered to shareholders to introduce new business and we reward shareholder participation by way of a clear table of incentives for each asset. Investors can participate immediately following the steps listed above.

      Hop2it Industry Sectors

      Resource Mining

      The Hop2it Group has been interested in precious metals such as Gold as well as other scarce resource mining for many years as a means of underwriting its payment systems. Since 2017 the company has entered into deals to merge or acquire Gold and other mines in Australia and in recent times we have achieved this and expanded our mining interests.

      For More Information go to https://hop2it.ventures/home/ventures/resource-mining/

      Green Indistries

      Hop2it purchased the Murrumbooee Gourmet Food business based in Queensland Australia in December 2017. The word “Murrumbooee” is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “cascading water” and is a real place in the Gibraltar National Park in NSW.

      Murrumbooee Super Foods engaged in 12 months of research and testing, infusing Moringa powder and oil as well as de-hulled Hemp seed, protein, and oil into a number of the 33 gourmet condiments Murrumbooee produces. Murrumbooee supplies retailers and now direct sales across Australia and is recommencing the export of products to the USA, Asia, and Europe in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

      Our company has expanded through sales growth and the acquisition of a high-quality food manufacturing company and the Murrumbooee Super Foods brand. More recently we have acquired the Australian Liquid Fertilizer Pty Ltd business in Australia. 

      For More Information go to https://hop2it.ventures/home/ventures/green-sector/

      Renewable Technologies

      Hop2it has been involved in technology for as long as it has been in existence. Its management has been involved in Information Technology since 1995.

      In 2019 Hop2it management was invited to assist a start-up company Argyle Energy Pty Ltd and its magnetically produced electricity machine. A Hop2it Director joined the board and due to the ill health of the Founder of Argyle Energy, causing his withdrawal, and Hop2it’s director controlling the company by default.

      With a name change to MANO ENERGY Pty Ltd and a new website at www.magno.energy, the task of Shareholder and new investor management and communications was necessary. With Hop2it’s new Renewable Venture on foot, this webpage is designed to showcase to you our Energy and Technology projects.


      Commercial & Rural Property

      Our leadership have known each other since the ’90s and may have worked in this industry well before that. The Global Trading Rewards Program you are reading about on this website is both unique and leading edge. It takes the stress out of commodity trading and applies export products for sale and resale to a cross-section of wholesale, retail, and direct sale customers, world-wide.

      Our Business Processes

      Hop2it Holdings applies its experience and technology to the acquisition of new projects in four (4) distinct industry sectors as seen above. We apply the following business processes to each project:-

      Asset Security

      Asset Performance

      Compliance and Transparency

      Risk Mitigation

      Experience and Knowledge

      Health & Wellness


      Benchmark Standards


      Growth and Commitment

      Respect for Culture

      Environmental Enhancements & Offsets

      Get Started Today

      Find Out How This Investment Program Can Start You Participating and supporting  Commodities which you can read about at www.hop2it.ventures. Sectors such Green Industries for food, wellness, and the cultivation of agricultural products. Renewable Technology for power generation using rare earth magnets. Precious metal and resource mining as well as commercial and rural property. By purchasing shares in the company that holds these resources and businesses you will become eligible for dividends payable from profits in each of these industry sectors.

      Hop2it Offers Shareholder Membership Levels Which You Can Read About In This Site By Clicking The REGISTER Menu Button. Your investment buys shares in either Hop2it, or if you chose, any of our business ventures that offer Shares to Investors. All profits accrued across multiple industry sectors are paid to Hop2it for distribition to Shareholders as dividends.  CLICK  The Register Button On This Page to arrange a Private Offer document and Share Application.

      Click The Register Menu Above Or The Button Below For You To Register As A New Shareholder.  Share Parcels Are Offered For Convenience.  Bronze Level Membership Is FREE For 30 Days, But You Will Need An Introduction Code From Another Member to Join At Higher Levels.