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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Hop2it work?

Our company uses leading-edge technology which it has commercialized since 2013 which means your Hop2it loyalty rewards balance can be calculated instantly when your Hop2it Account card accessed by a participating Merchant to issue you with more Hop2it or you make a payment using your Smart Phone App or SMS. Hop2it is the primary processor of loyalty transactions and therefore information about your purchase amounts in Hop2it and your rewards for loyalty are calculated instantly so you can move from one Hop2it merchant to another within minutes and have your available Hop2it rewards balance calculated in real-time, all accessed via your Smart Phone, a ubiquitous modern-day Hop2it terminal.


How do I use my Hop2it Card and Smart Phone?

It’s easy! The more you spend or sell, the more you earn. As soon as you make a purchase within the Hop2it Merchant network, Hop2it rewards will be added to your account in Hop2it Loyalty Points, Trade Points, Tokens, or Trade Dollars, dependent on the Affiliate Program you are enrolled in. You can then shop in any Hop2it online store or at any Hop2it participating merchant and use the Hop2it points tokens or trade dollars awarded to you, to purchase another item. Businesses within the Hop2it network also offer special deals, genuine discounts, and cashback offers exclusive to Hop2it Members.


Where can I use my Hop2it Money?

A complete list of Hop2it participating retailers can be found on our website or you can call or email our friendly staff at Participating Hop2it retailers and merchants also display the “Hop2it Accepted Here” sticker on their window.


What are Hop2it Trade Rewards?

Hop2it loyalty rewards are calculated on a percentage of your total cash spend and will grow as you continue to make purchases. Hop2it Trade Rewards accrued on your Hop2it Account can then be used to make purchases at participating Hop2it merchants or to buy “high ticket items” from the Hop2it Trade Stores located within your Members Account.


How many Hop2it Trade Rewards do I get?

You will receive a minimum of 10% of the cash transaction in Hop2it loyalty or trade points, tokens or trade dollars, dependent upon the transaction type and your membership and the deal offered by our participating Hop2it merchant and as much as 60% in Hop2it Trade Rewards can be earned or discounted at Hop2it merchants.


Where can I get a Hop2it Account and Card?

Hop2it Money cards are available 24/7 online at and on the Hop2it Malls at from Hop2it Representatives and Hop2it Merchants.


Will it cost me anything to become a Hop2it Member?

No – becoming a Hop2it Member starts with a FREE entry-level Bronce Member!

Are there any transaction fees as a Buyer?

Yes. Hop2it is a pre-paid service and much like a Gift Card. Hop2it uses the latest smartphone and card technology ensuring the safety of your pre-paid transaction fees and Hop2it rewards. As a Buyer, you will be charged 5% of the purchase in cash. For example, when you spend $100 in Hop2it via your Smart Phone or online, your pre-paid cash transaction account will be debited $5.00.


Are my pre-paid transaction fees safe?

All Hop2it transactions in “trade-credit” are 4-digit pin codes locked at the first place of each transaction. Hop2it Rewards can only be accessed from your Hop2it account by entering this 4-digit pin number. Our Hop2it rewards program is audited as part of our company offering.


How do I find out which Merchants accept Hop2it?

The fastest way by which to locate Hop2it merchants is to use your Hop2it Smart Phone APP or SMS the product or service and the location. Our Hop2it “Yellow” system will deliver you the merchant information and location you desire. On Hop2it web sites we store lists of merchants by product category and it is important to know that Hop2it is also the largest merchant and offers exciting products, services, and all manner of discounts and rewards for your shopping loyalty.


Is there a limit on how much Hop2it I can earn?

You may hold a maximum balance of $999# in cash for pre-paid transaction fees and any amount of Hop2it in your Hop2it Account which can be accessed by your card or smartphone at any one time. Once you reach this limit, simply reward yourself with a shopping spree or pay off a Hop2it loan for your car, boat, or investment property. As a private Member, you need to maintain a balance of 5% of the amount Hop2it of that you have accrued to pre-pay your transaction fees.


Do I have to spend my Hop2it within a certain time frame?

No – provided your account remains active, dependent on the plan or program you joined and the business rules that apply to it, your Hop2it will be available indefinitely.


How do I become a Hop2it Member?

Firstly you must be introduced by another active Member. From this Member you will receive an Introduction Link which will take you to a Registration Form. Fill out the online Registration Form and we will open a Hop2it Members Account for you. Your Hop2it account is set up immediately upon anyone transferring you Hop2it Or, you can visit one of our Hop2it merchants and they will issue you with a Hop2it Members Account on the spot. You can earn additional benefits for completing your Profile and participating as an Associate or Affiliate in exciting wealth creation export trade programs we offer our Members.


How many Hop2it cards can I have?

Only one Hop2it Account may be registered to a person, however, all members of a family may have an individual account. There are age restrictions and there are separate rules for business accounts.


Is there an annual fee?

No – Hop2it general membership is free. if you apply for any separate membership status, there may be fees attached to the particular status applied for including becoming a Hop2it debit cardholder!


What Fees and Charges are associated with the Hop2it Rewards Debit Card?

There are no joining or annual fees to reap the benefits of having a Hop2it account. When you spend using Hop2it Trade Dollars, you are only charged the 5% transaction fee mentioned above for “person-to-person” (P2P) or “person-to-business” (P2B) transactions.


Can I really spend my Hop2it rewards like cash?

Yes – the Hop2it rewards you receive for your loyalty are termed as “trade credits” may be spent at any of our participating Hop2it merchants, dollar for dollar. Hop2it rewards cannot however be paid out in cash.


How do I get my Hop2it rewards?

By shopping at any of our participating Hop2it merchants or on the Hop2it Deal Malls.


Can I use the Hop2it as soon as I earn it?

Once your transaction has been authorized, the complimenting payment to you in Hop2it is credited to your Hop2it Account in real-time and these new Hop2it rewards are available to you to spend as you wish, nothing for you to do, a real-time reward payment to you for your loyalty.


How can I check my Hop2it balance?

Simply access your account via your Smart Phone or for speed and convenience all such inquiries can be made via SMS including Hop2it transfers and automated notifications. It is easy and fun.


Taxation and Hop2it

Hop2it can be used to make personal purchases of goods and services and these purchases will not be deductible for tax purposes and a GST credit cannot be claimed. Records of purchases through “trade-credit” need to be maintained and as a Member Hop2it does all of this for you and maintains historic records of all transactions you make on your Hop2it Account which you can access online 24/7.

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